Once upon a time I used the Document Map in Office 2003. Until now, I thought it was removed in newer versions of Office, but now I find out that it was just renamed. It’s fairly useful for navigating or repositioning content in largish documents. Glad to find it again!


Another regex related link with more practical examples. Not sure if the wildcard syntax in Word is orthodox or not, but it seems pretty close. Even though the article says it applies to older versions of Word. I can confirm that the latest versions also include this functionality.


Turning on inter-sentence spacing rules seems like a good option for your own writing but what about when you get a document from someone else? In that case, you can just use the (advanced) find & replace tool to find every instance of a period followed by two spaces “. ” and replace it with a period followed by one space “. “. You could also use the VBA script in this article but why bother?!

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"A roaring lion kills no game."

African Proverbs by Charlotte and Wolf Leslau, 1962. (via ingridrichter)


I use notepad++ a fair amount for pre-processing text. Along the way, I noticed that there was this regex search thing. It’s a really powerful search method to find exactly what you want in a body of text. It’s mostly used by programmers but I think technical writers should also learn how to use it.

For instance, if you go to:, there is a simple example on the top right that shows a regex expression (?<=.) {2,}(?=[A-Z]) that finds all the sentences preceded by two spaces.

Here’s another regex solution for a similar problem:


Using Track Changes in Microsoft Word

Here are three quick tutorials I think are quite useful:

  1. Track changes – how to find it, how to use it c/o LibroEditing
  2. Advanced Track Changes Options c/o Microsoft
  3. Using Different Colors with Tracked Changes c/o WordTips

I’m familiar with The Sage and WordWeb but not Mobysaurus.


Customer Has a Hilarious Norse Mythology-Themed Chat with an Amazon Customer Service Person

Thor meets Odin on Amazon.

In my case dear reader, I’m looking for the best way to spellcheck pdf files without Adobe Acrobat. When I find my perfect workflow, I’ll share it here.